Announcing the FINAL 2-day camera videography and video editing course 

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Announcing the FINAL 2-day camera videography and video editing course. 

The dates are 22 and 23 June 2016. See the events tab more info. 

This is the LAST ONE I will be conducting. 


– Every T, D and H (Teens, Dads and Housewives) can shoot a video now. Can you?

– Everyone is posting videos on Facebook. Have you?

– Every business have promotion videos now. Does yours?

I am sure you have already attended video making courses either mine or others. Paid or free. Online and offline. 

If you have not, don’t worry. Shooting a video is so easy even my 7 year old nephew can do. 

Here’s how,

1. Pick up the camera. 

2. Remove the lens cap. 

3. Turn on the camera. 

4. Point at the thing you want to shoot. 

5. Finally, press that round red button to record. 

Some more…

6. Get plenty of light. 

7. Get a microphone for better sound.

8. Use a tripod for professional stability. 

What can go wrong?

It’s so easy no one needs my training anymore. 


What I am really saying is I need help. 

I need help to enhance my final session. 

I want to know what else you want to learn beyond achieving the 8 points above. 

Please. This is a real survey. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section. THANKS! 🙂

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