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Creating DVD ISO Image Using Premiere Elements

How to Create DVD ISO Image Using Adobe Premiere Elements The DVD disc is still alive though most devices do not support it anymore. The good thing about the DVD is the interactive video selection menu page. If your computer does not have a DVD drive, you can create a soft version first. The soft version […]

Orah 4i – The Inconspicuous 360 Degree VR Live Streaming 4K Camera

The Orah 4i Designed by VideoStitch What type of camera is this?  360-degree (aka VR) camera  4K Camera  Live Streaming Camera Why shoot with this camera?  Stream live event in 4K resolution in virtual reality video  Stream to VR headsets and Interactive 360 video players  Allow people to immerse in your event without being there […]

Camera and Editing Live Vlog – Ep1

Today’s Topics: – Shooting Video With Nikon D7200 – Initial Settings – How to freeze and hold the last frame with Adobe Premiere Elements and more… A live online sharing about: – Camera Tips for Video Recording – Video Editing Apps and Techniques Feel free to ask questions about camera and editing for video. Join […]

Printers with Direct CD / DVD Disc Printing 2018

Printers with Direct CD DVD Disc Printing

We take a lot of shooting time and editing effort to make our video look professional. If the video is to be burned onto a disc, then the disc face should look just as good. Hence, I am always on a lookout for the latest printers with CD / DVD / Bluray disc printing capabilities. […]

Setting Up a Mini Green Screen Studio

At home or in the office, you can set up your own mini green screen studio. Quick and simple. Here’s how… Where to get the items to set up the mini green screen studio? You can get the full set here… Photography Softbox Lighting Kit with Studio Background Stand, Black/White/Green Backdrop, 125W Light Bulbs, Single-capped […]



  ✓ Want to know how to choose and use the right camera? ✓ Ever wondered which video editing software is the best? ✓ Need to promote your products and services on web video? Combining my experience in Corporate Videography and YouTube Video Production, I now share my knowledge with business owners, marketers, and trainers. […]