What Equipment Do I Use for Corporate Event Videography

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What equipment do you need for corporate event videography?

Here’s what I am using for this week’s 7-day conference with express highlights edit.





Equipment list you see in the photos:

  • Panasonic HMC150
  • LEDGO LED light
  • ThinkPad Helix
  • Windows 10
  • Adobe Premiere Pro

What you don’t see in the pictures:

  • Sony MC50 as B-roll / backup video camcorder
  • Velbon tripod
  • Sennheiser G3 wireless microphone with adapters

That’s the gear I’ve used for years.

By the way, I use big devices to shoot for clients, and switch to iPhone for my own videos.

If you are shooting your own corporate event or seminars, you don’t need such big cameras, nor can a smartphone cut it. Check out this recommendation… http://www.videolane.com/best-video-camera-for-business-use/

If you are shooting for clients, then remember that size does matter in the eyes of someone paying good money to you. Check out how to charge for videography services… http://www.videolane.com/how-much-to-charge-for-videography-services/

Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Adrian Lee


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