7 Steps to Adding Facebook Video Subtitles aka Closed Captioning

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The fact is more people are reading Facebook videos rather than listening to the audio.

If you want to optimize user experience, make sure to add closed captions.

Here are the 7 steps to adding closed captions to your Facebook Video on a Facebook Page (not Profile Timeline).


  1. Go to your Facebook Page video post OR upload a new video. 
  2. Click the down arrow in the top right corner and select Edit Post.
  3. Click on Captions. 
  4. Click on the Generate button. 
  5. Play and listen to the video. Then correct the automatically generated text captions on the right. 
  6. When you are done correcting the captions, click on Save To Video button in the bottom right. 
  7. Back in the Edit video box, click on Save.


Now, people who watch your Facebook Page’s video with the sound turned off will automatically see the captions.

You can always go back again to edit the captions further.

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Adrian Lee


You can also edit the auto-generated closed captioning in your YouTube videos.

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