The workflow that makes “easy” video production feel like heaven

Follow along to this camera and editing workflow developed by yours truly. 
On a busy Monday morning, a friend interrupted my train of thoughts. 

I nearly wanted to tell him to have the conversation later. 

His proposal was so disturbing that I had to drop everything and talk. 

My friend is in the publishing business. 

He is in the midst of revamping his services to include video publishing. 

Side track: On the same day, another friend, a photographer, was preparing a live video recording session for his client. 

I felt like I have been eaten alive into oblivion. 

Who needs a professional videographer anymore when everyone else can shoot video like drinking water. 

If you are one those cannibal-to-be that is going to eat my profession, here’s my advice. 

Do it. Do it the easy way. 

Don’t bog yourself down by using BIG professional gear (read yesterday’s post). 

Do this instead. 

(pssst… I use this method when client is not looking)

1. Pick up your camera. It’s in your pocket. Inside your phone. 

2. Start shooting. Remember to follow the rule of thirds (ask me what this is). 

3. Too dark? Turn on the camera flash light. It works well up to about 2 meters. 

4. Need to record interviews? Plug in your phone headset. That is the perfect handy microphone you can ever have. 

5. Hold your phone as steady as possible. Otherwise use a mini pocket tripod. 
Keep your DSLR. Sell it away. Give it to charity. 

You have been lied to. You don’t need a DSLR or any BIG professional gear to shoot a good video. 

You have all the gear already, the next step is to learn how to use it the correct way. 

Leave a comment below if you are interested in downloading (for free) my checklist to shoot a smartphone video like a pro. 

“Do it” (sinister voice of Palpatine)

Why Are Filmmakers Recommending Professional Gear to People Who Are Not Professionals?

On Sunday evening, I managed to balance the brick on its edge again. My new found hobby. 

Naturally I wanted to film it. 

I have been doing this in bright mornings and filming it with my iPhone. 


I have been preaching in my videography lessons to use plenty of light. 

First, I turned on the balcony lamp, but it was too dim. 

Next, I thought about carrying my studio lights out from inside the house, but it’s too troublesome to re-assemble. 

Then, I saw the standing lamp in the living room, BUT I had to move all the surrounding furniture to lift the lamp out from the tight corner. 


My inner voice called out,

“Hello Adrian, there’s a light on your iPhone. Use it!”


This incident reminded me of everyone who asked me for advice on making videos. 

There is a misconception that you have to use professional and big equipment to make good videos. 

Big camera, big microphone, big lights, etc. 


Let me show you the easy way to get a good video done and uploaded quickly. 

Click here to learn more…

Creating DVD ISO Image Using Premiere Elements

How to Create DVD ISO Image Using Adobe Premiere Elements

The DVD disc is still alive though most devices do not support it anymore.

The good thing about the DVD is the interactive video selection menu page.

If your computer does not have a DVD drive, you can create a soft version first.

The soft version is simply a file that works like a DVD without the physical disc.

You can email this soft version to another person to burn the actual disc.

This soft version is called the “ISO Image”.

Case Study: My client wants to mass replicate on DVD the video I produced for them.  The DVD replicator guy, also my friend, requested that I email him the ISO image file.  That get work done faster  for everyone. I don’t have to send him the DVD and he need not extract the content from the DVD.

There is various software that can make a DVD ISO image, but the easiest and fastest (most intuitive) one that I already own, is the Adobe Premiere Elements.

Here’s How to Create DVD ISO Image Using Adobe Premiere Elements.

  1. Click on Publish and Share.
  2. If asked to create menu, do it, and come back again.
  3. Select DVD.
  4. Select ISO Image (4.7 GB)
  5. Click Burn.

—Watch the Video—


  • This video tutorial shows Premiere Elements 13 on a Mac.
  • It does not work on a Windows PC, at least not for me.

Do you see a need to turn your video into DVD?

Adrian Lee
Camera and Editing

PS: Here’s some questions you might ask if you are more advanced.

  • How to create DVD menus and chapters with markers?
  • Want to know how to add Bonus Feature in the main menu?
  • Want to know about Scene Marker, Main Menu Marker, and Stop Marker?
  • How to create DVD menus and chapters with markers?
  • How to burn a DVD ISO image to disc on a Mac?
  • Feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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Orah 4i – The Inconspicuous 360 Degree VR Live Streaming 4K Camera

The Orah 4i


Designed by VideoStitch

What type of camera is this?

  •  360-degree (aka VR) camera
  •  4K Camera
  •  Live Streaming Camera

Why shoot with this camera?

  •  Stream live event in 4K resolution in virtual reality video
  •  Stream to VR headsets and Interactive 360 video players
  •  Allow people to immerse in your event without being there

Consists of two parts

  •  A camera unit about the size of a small DSLR
    •   Four fish-eye lenses and sensors
    •   With Stabilization and Horizon Correction
    •   Four microphones to capture ‘ambisonic’ 3D audio
  •  A Real-Time Video Stitching Box
    •   Intel CPU and Nvidia GPU
    •   Built-In 120GB M.2 SSD
    •   802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0

Watch the Demo Video


  •  Pre-order price: $1795
  •  Usual Price: $3593

Other 360-degree VR Cameras

Source: | Camera and Editing Training

Camera and Editing Live Vlog – Ep1

Today’s Topics:
– Shooting Video With Nikon D7200 – Initial Settings
– How to freeze and hold the last frame with Adobe Premiere Elements

  • and more…

A live online sharing about:
– Camera Tips for Video Recording
– Video Editing Apps and Techniques

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Whiteboard Drawing Video Animation Software

Whiteboard animation videos are videos that draw images and texts on a white background. Sometimes they include a hand holding a marker. This format of video is popular because it is quick and easy to make as well as low cost.

  1. VideoScribe – US$29/month
  2. VideoScribe Anywhere – US$4.99, iPhone only
  3. Moovly – US$25/month
  4. Easy Sketch Pro – US$67 one-off fee
  5. Explaindio – US$57/year
  6. GoAnimate – US$39/month
  7. PowToon – US$89/month

I have an iPhone, so I bought VideoScribe Anywhere. Which one will you choose? Explore each one of them to find out. They each have a free trial.