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Change Multiple Premiere Pro Title Size

Have you ever come across a situation where you start a new project and you want to bring in a title from another project of a different size or resolution… …and it just won’t fit in! (especially when bringing a bunch titles, of which you have spent hours creating, from a 720p project to a […]

How to Get Adobe Encore CS6 from CC 2017

Adobe Encore is great for creating DVD and Bluray disks. However, there is no Encore in the new Adobe Creative Cloud. You have to download the old CS6 version separately. Here’s how to get Adobe Encore CS6… legally. First, you need be a paid subscriber to Adobe CC. Open Creative Cloud on your desktop. Select […]

How to Change Video Clip Speed in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Premiere Pro offers 3 ways to modify the speed and duration of clips. You can use: – Rate Stretch tool – Speed/Duration command – Time Remapping feature In this lesson, we are going to do these to a clip. – Slow down – Speed up – Reverse – Maintain audio pitch – Explore ripples Get […]

What’s New in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

On 2 November 2016, Adobe announced new features for the Premiere Pro CC 2017 video editing software. Easier collaboration with Team Projects. Team Projects (beta) lets multiple editors work simultaneously on productions in real time across their video apps. Version control, conflict resolution, and activity feeds are built into Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and […]