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10 Things to Faster Video Content Creation: The Screencasting Method

One YouTube daily vlogging challenge that worked. Prepare to sweat. In the last video post, I did something different that sped things up. I scripted, recorded, edited and distributed (vlog, blog, and social sharing) a video tutorial. All completed in record time. No follow-ups required. The 10 Things Here are my 10 things to a […]

How to Change Video Clip Speed in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Premiere Pro offers 3 ways to modify the speed and duration of clips. You can use: – Rate Stretch tool – Speed/Duration command – Time Remapping feature In this lesson, we are going to do these to a clip. – Slow down – Speed up – Reverse – Maintain audio pitch – Explore ripples Get […]

Smartphone Video Production Process

Here’s a chart showing more than the traditional 3 phases of video production. The regular TVs and the regular video camcorders are not going away yet, but smartphone and social media are quickly becoming part of video production. This is the new video production process. Feel free to comment and ask questions. Adrian Lee www.VIDEOLANE.com […]