Which phone has the best video camera?

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Which phone has the best video camera?

Until today I am still disappointed with all the phones out there except this TWO.

When you judge a smartphone video camera,
– do not judge by the number of mega pixels
– do not judge by the number of effects it can do
– do not judge by the commercial demo you see.

Instead test this,
– pick it up, switch to video mode, and shoot
– move left move right
– point at the bright light on the ceiling
– point at a dark area under the table
– say “testing 123 3 2 1”

Then play back to watch and listen.

Note the following,
– colors and brightness must not change drastically while moving the camera left and right.
– when pointing at the bright light on the ceiling, you should still see the defined shape of the lamp and not a bright flare or overexposed star effect bright light.
– when recording a dark area, you should be able to see what your naked eyes can see
– plugin the headphones and listen to the audio playback of your voice. It should not sound tinny or boxy.

I have more tests, but this is enough to start off.

So now, the TWO phones with the best video camera are… Drumroll…

1. Apple iPhone 6S
2. Samsung Galaxy S7

Followed closely by their siblings,
– iPhone SE
– Galaxy Note 5

If you are wondering… Yes, their tablet versions cannot make it into the best video camera list.

This is only my opinion and what I have tested so far with what I have access to.

If you have a phone that has a good video camera as well, please leave a comment below. So I can go check it out.

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