3 Reasons to Sign Up for the 2017 Videography Course in Singapore

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Smartphone videography, social video sharing, Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017, and much more. Out Now!

Yesterday, I completed the final training session for 2016.

The Course Participants of this final act got a taste of 2017.

It’s an enhanced version of the video camera and video editing class.

What’s new?

– Smartphone Videography: Participants can now learn videography using their iPhones or Android phones.

– Social Video Sharing: Emphasis is placed on making engaging videos for posting on Facebook and YouTube.

– Adobe Premiere Pro CC: The professional industry-standard video editing software is now taught, instead of the home version.

AND much more! …SkillsFuture Credit claimable!

At the end of the day, I realised
– I covered more topics than before,
– Participants had more hands-on, and
– The class ended on time!

Now, what are 3 Reasons to Sign Up for the 2017 Videography Course in Singapore?

Adrian Lee

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