How to Shoot Video Interviews

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Interview scenarios

  • Run and gun interview with one camera
  • Sit down interview with two cameras

Run-and-Gun Interview with One Camera

You are about to shoot interviews on location at an event. You are given only twenty minutes to interview five or more people. You have only one camera. Here are the steps to prepare and shoot a good video interview.

  1. Research and Prepare Questions.
    Generate open-ended questions related to the goal of the video.  Write down the questions on a piece of paper.
  2. Prepare Camera and Accessories.
    Ensure camera and the external microphone is in tip-top working condition by doing a quick recording and playback test before going out to the field.
  3. Check Memory and Battery.
    Ensure there is sufficient memory space and bring extra memory cards. Ensure there is sufficient battery power and bring extra battery packs.
  4. Set up the camera on location.
    On location, identify areas with good even lighting and a background that is not distracting. Adjust manual balance and exposure. Adjust recording volume and test noise level by speaking into the external microphone and listening with headphones.
  5. Clip Microphone on Interviewee.
    Put the mic on the interviewee quickly ensuring they feel comfortable. Hide all the hanging wires and ensure interviewee look tidy.
  6. Start the Interview.
    Tell interview in advance what you will be asking. Ask the questions and listen to the answers. Get interviewee to repeat the answers if necessary. Always wear and listen to headphones throughout the interview.

Sit-Down Interview with Two Cameras

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