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Best Video Camera for Business Use

Question to me: “Please recommend a camera model that is easy to use for recording students’ testimonials, course previews, and graduation ceremony/events? The budget will be below S$4000 for a full set: camera, tripod, lighting etc.” Answer from me: Please understand that my recommendation is based on my own experience as well as opinions from […]

Orah 4i – The Inconspicuous 360 Degree VR Live Streaming 4K Camera

The Orah 4i Designed by VideoStitch What type of camera is this?  360-degree (aka VR) camera  4K Camera  Live Streaming Camera Why shoot with this camera?  Stream live event in 4K resolution in virtual reality video  Stream to VR headsets and Interactive 360 video players  Allow people to immerse in your event without being there […]