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Ultimate ALL-IN-ONE Video Creator – VideoMakerFX

I use Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro to edit client video as well as personal vlogs. These TWO are top-notch video editing software.  To know how to use them require a steep learning curve. If you are a business owner looking to create videos yourself quickly and easily, here’s one you can use… […]

10 Things to Faster Video Content Creation: The Screencasting Method

One YouTube daily vlogging challenge that worked. Prepare to sweat. In the last video post, I did something different that sped things up. I scripted, recorded, edited and distributed (vlog, blog, and social sharing) a video tutorial. All completed in record time. No follow-ups required. The 10 Things Here are my 10 things to a […]

How to Change Video Clip Speed in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

Premiere Pro offers 3 ways to modify the speed and duration of clips. You can use: – Rate Stretch tool – Speed/Duration command – Time Remapping feature In this lesson, we are going to do these to a clip. – Slow down – Speed up – Reverse – Maintain audio pitch – Explore ripples Get […]