Canon XA25

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Setting up

  1. Press Function and Menu on the screen.
  2. Scroll to Frame Rate and set to 25P.
  3. Scroll to Dual/Relay Recording and set to Standard or Dual or Relay.
  4. Scroll to Movie Format and set to MP4 or AVCHD (for higher quality edit).
  5. Scroll to Recording Mode and set to 17 Mbps or 24 Mbps.

Setting Manual Mode

  1. Go to Function / Record Program and set to M.

Setting White Balance

  1. Go to Function / Menu and select White Balance.
  2. Choose a preset or adjust the K value or set custom white balance.

Setting Manual Focus

  1. Press the MF control button on the screen panel.
  2. Turn the focus ring to adjust focus.

Setting Manual Exposure

  1. Set the Custom Dial to Manual Exposure
  2. Press the custom dial button to toggle through Aperture, Shutter and Gain.
  3. Toggle to Shutter and turn the custom dial and set the shutter speed to 1/50. Don’t change this throughout the shoot.
  4. Toggle to Aperture and turn the custom dial to adjust the exposure whenever required

Setting AutoFocus Mode

  1. Go to Function / Menu / AF Mode and select Normal AF.
  2. Or Go to Function / Menu / Face Detection and turn it on.

Setting Image Stabilization

  1. Go to Function / Menu / Image Stabilization and select Dynamic.

Setting ND FIlter

  1. Go to Function / Menu / ND Filter and choose Automatic or Off.

Setting Up Audio Input

  1. Turn on Audio Input.
  2. Plug in a Microphone.
  3. Set input to Mic.
  4. Set to Manual.
  5. Turn the knob to adjust volume.

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