Why YouTube Audio Library Is a Good Source of Free Music

Want to stop those annoying music copyright warnings everytime you upload a video to YouTube?

I used to shun free music because they sound cheesy and you may hear them in other people’s videos.

Until about a month ago, things changed. Free royalty-free music are getting better in quality.

My go to source for free royalty-free music now is YouTube Audio Library.

Here’s how you get the music.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Go to Creator Studio (from the top right).
  3. Go to Create and select Audio Library (left side bar menu).
  4. Choose the music you want.
  5. Download the music to your computer.


You can choose various genres and different moods.

There are 2 types of licenses. One you need to credit the owner of the music and the other you need not. Read the instructions given.

Download the music and edit it into your video.

You can then upload your edited video to anywhere even outside of YouTube.

Here’s a video I made using one music from the YouTube Audio Library.

For commercial productions I do for clients, I still use paid royalty-free music, so that they get the proper official rights license.

Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Adrian Lee

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