2 Audience-Centric Video Making Questions

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Here’s a whiteboard snapshot of last weekend’s class.

Weekend class attendees are usually hobby video makers.

Hobby also includes family video and travel video shooters.

Truth be told, half of this weekend class came for business.

Be it business or hobby, we all want to make good videos.

A good video means whoever watches it must enjoy it.

To do that, you must remember 2 important questions.

I always begin the class by asking these 2 questions.

They will be repeated in the camera shooting module.

Many times, they will appear in the video editing module.

Here’s the 2 audience-centric video making questions.

  1. What is that one goal of your video?
  2. Who will be watching your video?

Here’s what you must do throughout the video production process.

  • Think of these 2 questions when planning your video
  • Think of these 2 questions when shooting your video
  • Think of these 2 questions when editing your video

This will 100% guide you in the way you shoot and edit.

Remember. Be very specific. You cannot please everyone.

Coming next, I will give examples of targeting audience.

Also, I will list out free video editing software you can use.

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