Best Video Camera for Business Use

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Question to me:
“Please recommend a camera model that is easy to use for recording students’ testimonials, course previews, and graduation ceremony/events? The budget will be below S$4000 for a full set: camera, tripod, lighting etc.”

Answer from me:
Please understand that my recommendation is based on my own experience as well as opinions from other users. Here goes…

My recommended video camera for business use is,

The first 3 things you must get with the camera are,

Other useful add-ons are,

If you want to set up an in-house studio, get this,


Note: Prices stated are as at June 2016.

Sony CX900E Handycam


Adrian Lee

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  1. I use Secced tripods for filming.
    They are strong, lightweight and are built with carbon fiber.
    They are compatible with the cameras mentioned on the post.
    Checkout the site -

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