Diploma in Filmmaking

Hey friends, thanks for reading and watching my posts about video making. 

If you want to advance further into the filmmaking career, take up a diploma course. 

Check out the Diploma in Filmmaking by our very own Broadcasting Station in Singapore, MediaCorp. 

Go to their Media Academy website to find out more… http://www.mediaacademy.sg/page/DIPLOMA-PROGRAMMES/diploma-in-filmmaking

It’s a 2-year course jointly conducted with Beijing Film Academy. 

It costs over S$40,000. 

Go check out their free preview sessions. 
Adrian Lee

PS: If you don’t have 2 years or $40k, and you just want to make videos for your business, then check out my course…

2-day Camera Videography and Video Editing Course for Beginners [in Singapore]

(It’s only 2 days and cost only S$800)

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