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How to make engaging videos for business on Facebook?

Although, I have already covered this topic here…

3 Things You Need to Know About Making Engaging Videos

…and here…

Millennials and Video Content Consumption

…we still need to learn from the winners. Study them and do what they do.

So here are the most watched facebook video publishers in July 2016.
( based on this report )

  1. – Entertainment
  2. – Entertainment
  3. – Food
  4. – News
  5. – Style and Beauty
  6. – Entertainment
  7. – News
  8. – Home and DIY
  9. – Food
  10. – News

Rankings include only creators and brands which publish original content.

Others I must also mention are,

When you need ideas on how to shoot and edit your next video, watch their latest creations.

Or you can discover how to make a perfect facebook video to promote your business here…

2-day Camera Videography and Video Editing Course for Beginners [in Singapore]

Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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