Shooting a Professional Social Media Video

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On one hand, I am teaching businesses to shoot and edit their own social media videos. On the other hand, businesses are hiring me to shoot their social media videos.

We all know we need videos on social media if we want our business to thrive. There is no escape. You need to ride the Facebook wave.

If I am making a social media video for my own business, I would use my iPhone. I recommend you to use your smartphone too. Smartphones get the job done faster than using cameras and computers.

However this time, I am being paid to shoot someone else’s social media video.

I can use my iPhone, but the one coming out with the money will not accept it.

So here’s what I have packed. It’s scripted and it involves live models on location.


  • Panasonic HMC151
  • Velbon tripod
  • Tripod Dolly Wheels
  • Standing Lights x2
  • Birkley hard case luggage

Back ups:

  • Sony MC50
  • LEDGO LED portable light
  • Sennhiesser G2 Wireless microphone

Feel free to comment and ask questions.

Adrian Lee


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