Top 10 VIDEOLANE YouTube Videos 2016 | Welcome 2017

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Goodbye, 2016. Welcome, 2017. Happy New Year!

Thanks for watching my videos and reading my blog.

Here’s a compilation of my 2016 top 10 YouTube videos.

1. Making an Animated Shiny Metallic Text Effect | Adobe Premiere Pro CC Training #1 | VIDEOLANE.COM

2. How to Extract Video from DVD for Editing

3. How to Crop a Video | Adobe Premiere Elements Training #6 | VIDEOLANE.COM

4. Creating a Solid White Color Background | Adobe Premiere Elements Training #2 | VIDEOLANE.COM

5. Motion Tracking | Adobe Premiere Elements Training #9 | VIDEOLANE.COM

6. Birkley the Video Gear Luggage Gets New Wheels

7. Cut-in and Cutaway Shot Definition and Example – Videography Course in Singapore

8. How to Create Split Screen Effect | Adobe Premiere Elements Training #8 | VIDEOLANE.COM

9. How to Add Subtitles | Adobe Premiere Elements Training #15 | VIDEOLANE.COM

10. MacBook Internal Mic vs iPhone Headset Mic – Voice Recording Quality Test

Here’s the playlist of all of them.

Over To You

What’s your 2016 top 10 for anything? Leave your comment or link below.

See you in 2017!

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  1. Last 28 days top types of videos:
    – with voice 7
    – with face 1
    – no face 9
    – no voice 3

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