Smartphone Video Production Process

Here’s a chart showing more than the traditional 3 phases of video production.  The regular TVs and the regular video camcorders are not going away yet, but smartphone and social media are quickly becoming part of video production.  This is the new video production process.  Feel free to comment and ask questions. Adrian Lee […]

When and When Not to Use Vignettes

Don’t destroy your video with special effects. Here’s a guide to using vignettes for the right purpose. First, what’s a vignette? A vignette is a visual effect used to frame a subject. The word vignette is derived from the word vine. In the old days , books are decorated with a pattern of vines around the […]

Most Watched Facebook Videos

How to make engaging videos for business on Facebook? Although, I have already covered this topic here… 3 Things You Need to Know About Making Engaging Videos …and here… Millennials and Video Content Consumption …we still need to learn from the winners. Study them and do what they do. So here are the most watched […]

Millennials and Video Content Consumption

Millennials and Video Content Consumption

Research shows that Millennials love video content. That includes branded videos by companies promoting products and services. The thing is, in general, people don’t like to watch advertisements or commercials. So what is it about branded video content that Millenials like and don’t like. This week, I have the challenge of producing a company video targeting […]

Shooting a Professional Social Media Video


On one hand, I am teaching businesses to shoot and edit their own social media videos. On the other hand, businesses are hiring me to shoot their social media videos. We all know we need videos on social media if we want our business to thrive. There is no escape. You need to ride the […]

What Equipment Do I Use for Corporate Event Videography


What equipment do you need for corporate event videography? Here’s what I am using for this week’s 7-day conference with express highlights edit. Equipment list you see in the photos: Panasonic HMC150 LEDGO LED light ThinkPad Helix Windows 10 Adobe Premiere Pro What you don’t see in the pictures: Sony MC50 as B-roll / backup […]

How to Shoot a Cooking Video with iPhone


I cook I video I eat. Today I shot my dinner preparation with equipment that’s stripped down to the bare minimum. iPhone 6, iPhone flash light, VivaVideo, Joby gorillapod, and Selfie stick. Watch this space for the edited video coming soon… This is yet another video production experiment done entirely on a smartphone. 1-day Video Making Course […]