2 Audience-Centric Video Making Questions

What video are you making? Who is watching your video?

Guaranteed to make your video grow in viewership. Here’s a whiteboard snapshot of last weekend’s class. Weekend class attendees are usually hobby video makers. Hobby also includes family video and travel video shooters. Truth be told, half of this weekend class came for business. Be it business or hobby, we all want to make good videos. […]

3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Video

A Good Video Had Only One Goal

Get the most effective result out of your video content creation effort. In all my classes, I ask this question. “Who has made a video before?” To those that answered they haven’t even yet shot a video, I say “Really?” Even a kid knows how to pick up a smartphone camera and press record. After […]

The 5 Stages That Will Promote You On Video

5-Stage Video Production Process

Video is the future. The future is now. Hurry! Grab a camera and shoot. In January 2018, I conducted 2 videography classes for working adults. Each participant signed up for the 2-day course with different objectives. To create interview videos to promote a business service To shoot interview videos to promote a non-profit cause To edit […]