DJI Osmo Mobile – The Stabilizer You Need for Your Smartphone Camera

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Smooth and stable shots are what make your video look more professional. Here’s the stabiliser you need.

DJI, the drone maker, released a new digital stabiliser for your smartphone camera, the DJI Osmo Mobile.

I’ve been recommending other brands since the first fixed-camera Osmo, but DJI now has its very own device.

Like the others, the main purpose of this gadget is to make your shots look stable,  smooth and professional.

DJI-Osmo-MobileHowever, there is one big difference.

  • With the DJI GO app, you can automatically track your subject or yourself. (Trainers and speakers, you don’t need to hire a Videographer anymore!)

Other exciting features include,

  • Motion timelapse
  • Live facebook streaming
  • Detailed panoramas
  • 4.5 hours of run time
  • USB charging port

The original Osmo with a 4K camera attached costs US$609.

The Osmo Mobile for smartphone cameras costs US$319.

Check out the DJI Osmo Mobile here.


Adrian Lee


PS: Wondering which smartphone is best for video production? If you are serious about making great looking videos, it’s good to know that no other brands come close to the Apple iPhone… yet.


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