New Version of OBS – v0.15.3 [Friday Freebies]

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New Version of OBSA new version of my favourite desktop live-streaming software is available.

I use OBS for live streaming on facebook and YouTube. It’s an alternative to the popular Wirecast and it’s free, or rather open source!

I have version 0.14.2 and OBS is offering version 0.15.3.

Release notes for OBS Studio version 0.15.3


  • Added “Luma Wipe” transition (by HomeWorld)
  • Added a noise suppression audio filter (using speexdsp)
  • Added the ability to lock the preview
  • Added all supported file types to VLC video source when browsing
  • Added the ability to add URLs to VLC video source
  • Added “Bind to IP” network option in advanced settings allowing users to specify which network adapter/address to stream from
  • Fixed an issue with VLC video source where media with more than two audio channels wouldn’t be downmixed to stereo properly
  • Cleaned up log file readability significantly 
  • Limited reconnect timeout (exponential backoff) to 15-minute intervals max. Fixes an issue where the reconnect timeout could have intervals of days if it kept reconnecting unattended

Windows-specific Changes:

  • Fixed a bug where AAC encoded with windows media foundation on windows 8 and above wouldn’t play back in certain programs properly

If you are doing desktop live-streaming to Facebook or YouTube, try out OBS, Open Broadcaster Software.

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions about using it.

Adrian Lee

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