UNBOXING GoPro Hero5 Black 

Removing the GoPro Hero5 Black from the box casing isn’t very user-friendly.

So I made this video…

Feel free to share this video with anyone that will benefit from it.

My GoPro Hero5 Black has finally arrived, together with all ten accessories!

I will be starting a new series about “GoPro camera and editing 101”.

This is the first video in the series.

It’s simply about removing the action camera from the box easily.

I realized it’s not very intuitive for people new to GoPro and this video is for them.

In this training,
– I demonstrate how to first remove the GoPro from the display mount.
– Secondly, how to remove the casing, aka the Frame.

Also, Feel free to ask questions about GoPro camera and editing.

Watch a personal VLOG on purchasing my first GoPro action camera.
– https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rWRSYaRQp8I

In the next training, I will demonstrate how to set up the GoPro Hero5 Black.

Adrian Lee

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