How to Create a Time-lapse from Photos in VideoPad

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How to create a time-lapse video from a group of photos using VideoPad?

NCH VideoPad is a powerful free video editing software that I teach in class.

Most modern digital cameras can generate the time-lapse video from within.

However, sometimes we skip the video generation step because of time constraint.

So here’s how to compile the photos into a time-lapse video using VideoPad.

First, transfer all the time-lapse photos to be converted into a single folder.

Then do these 7 steps in VideoPad.

1. Go to File — Add Images as Video…

2. Browse and select the time-lapse folder

3. Remove unwanted files

4. Type in a frame rate… try 10 first

5. Click Import

6. Drag the time-lapse clip from the Video bin tab to the timeline

7. Export Video

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