3 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Video

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In all my classes, I ask this question. “Who has made a video before?”

To those that answered they haven’t even yet shot a video, I say “Really?”

Even a kid knows how to pick up a smartphone camera and press record.

After digging further, participants then reveal why they joined the course.

How to use the camera? What angle is best? How to effectively tell a story?

Well, there are many elements involved that go into making a good video.

Here are the top three things you can implement in your next production.

  1. A good video has only ONE GOAL. For example, that one goal could be to make the viewer buy what they see. What is the one purpose of your video? What do you want the viewer to feel, think and do after seeing it? Write down your goal in one clear sentence. If you have more than one goal or message, make another video.
  2. A good video includes a 3-PART STORY STRUCTURE. The Beginning, The Middle and The End. The beginning should arouse interest, perhaps by presenting a problem. The middle should communicate the main statement of the video, such as a solution to a problem. The ending should call the viewer to take action. Write your 3 parts in a script or storyboard.
  3. A good video speaks to ONE PERSON. For example, you say “This tip is for you the investor”, NOT “…for you investors”. Who is your most important audience? How can you appeal to them? Remembering them helps you decide what to film and how to film. Even the camera angle and picture size affect how we feel about someone we see in the video. Write down your target viewer profile.

These are the top 3 things to think about when planning your next video content.

Go watch some YouTube videos now, and observe those that draw your attention.

Study how they use the above elements to keep you glued from the start to the end.

Adrian Lee


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There are many more factors that get you the most effective result out of your video.

A Good Video Had Only One Goal

A Good Video Includes a 3-Part Story Structure

A Good Video Speaks to Only One Person

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