16 Changes in OBS Studio 20.1.0 (mac) Software Update

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Whether streaming live broadcasts or recording screencasts, can OBS do even more?

Today, OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) added 16 changes and fixes to its software update.

Tip: As with any software update, there will be bugs here and there. So, finish up your major projects before updating. After updating, test it thoroughly before going live publicly.

General Changes

  1. Added the ability to hide/show items in the audio mixer via the mixer context menu
  2. Added the ability to use replay buffer in advanced output mode (Note: cannot be used with the FFmpeg output)
  3. Added the ability to monitor the audio of stingers via its properties
  4. Added the ability to change the audio fade mode of stingers via its properties
  5. Added hotkeys to control VLC source playback (play/pause/restart/stop/next/previous)
  6. Added pulseaudio audio monitoring support on linux
  7. Updated x264 and FFmpeg to their latest versions, with new performance optimizations for newer Intel processors
  8. You can now bring up a context menu via right-clicking the mixer or items in the mixer
  9. Fixed a bug where if you try to stop the stream while reconnecting, the program could freeze up
  10. Fixed a bug where the window dimensions would not always restore properly from the last time the program was closed
  11. Fixed an issue where the program would be milliseconds out of sync
  12. Fixed a linux crash that could happen on program startup
  13. Fixed an issue where shuffle in the VLC source would always start from the first item
  14. Fixed a crash that sometimes occurs when a connection times out
  15. Made a workaround for a decklink device driver issue where decklink/blackmagic devices could very slowly go out of sync in the blackmagic source (make sure buffering is disabled if you have this issue; buffering is now disabled by default)
  16. Disabled v-sync preview rendering on mac to prevent it from having an impact on performance

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Adrian Lee

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