18 New Features in Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 for Video

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Adobe released the 2018 version of Creative Cloud. Supercharge your video production with these 18 new features.

What’s new in Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 for Video?

New in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 for Video

1. Faster ways to create and collaborate: Work on multiple projects simultaneously, and lock projects when actively editing so you can work with your team on shared projects at the same time.

2. Gorgeous graphics, titles, and audio: Use the Essential Graphics panel to edit Motion Graphics templates and create titles right in your Program Monitor. And get pro-quality sound with new audio effects and integration.

3. Lumetri Color enhancements: The Lumetri Color panel offers new color pickers for making selections right in your video. Work with HDR10 files, and get better support for color space metadata.

4. Streamlined video editing: Power up your production pipeline with redesigned captions, Lumetri Color enhancements, and more. Collaborate on shared sequences or compositions with Adobe Team Projects.

5. Auto-aware VR: Premiere Pro automatically detects whether your virtual reality video is monoscopic or stereoscopic and applies the appropriate settings.

6. Improved captions: New caption features let you manipulate text, alter duration and location, and create open or closed captions from scratch.

7. Keyboard shortcut mapping: Use a visual map to quickly find, adjust, and customize keyboard shortcuts.

New in Adobe After Effects CC 2018

8. 360/VR effects and transitions: Create amazing content even faster with tools for immersive 360/VR effects and transitions, easier ways of generating motion graphics using data-driven animations, and more.

9. Motion Graphics templates: Turn your comps into Motion Graphics templates that others can edit in Premiere Pro. Plus, with new Camera Shake Deblur, you can rescue unusable footage by removing motion blur.

10. Faster effects and performance: Speed up your workflow with a new 3D rendering engine, better preview performance, more GPU-accelerated effects, and faster Dynamic Link with Premiere Pro.

11. 3D rendering engine: Create and edit 3D elements like extruded text and shape layers right inside After Effects with the new 3D rendering engine that uses Cinema 4D technology.

12. Accelerated Dynamic Link: Faster performance reduces the need for intermediate rendering and delivers higher frame rates during playback between Premiere Pro and After Effects.

13. Live Text template improvements: Share Live Text templates between After Effects and Premiere Pro. Adobe Typekit fonts automatically sync and update across your projects.

New in Adobe Audition CC 2018

14. Powerful and customizable workflows: Auto-Ducking automatically lowers music levels when dialogue and other sounds are audible, and performance enhancements such as faster mixdowns let you refine audio quickly and more accurately.

15. Multichannel audio made easy: Mix, edit, and create audio content for video and broadcast with multitrack mixing, waveform editing, and an improved Spectral Frequency Display.

16. Audition audio effects: New real-time audio effects give you better sounding output and improved fidelity when you roundtrip projects with Premiere Pro.

New in Adobe Character Animator CC 2018

17. Better animation controls: Triggers and Controls panels let you visually organize character movements in one place, and pose-to-pose blending and physics behaviours make it easier to bring your animations to life.

18. 2D character animation: Performance improvements make it faster to build interactive puppets you can animate in real time using your webcam and microphone.

Supercharge Your Video Production

Adobe Premiere Pro CC together with After Effects and Audition are getting more user-friendly on each update, which makes it my go-to video editing software for all my production needs. No need to shuttle to and from Final Cut Pro or other creative software.

Adrian Lee



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