The 5 Stages That Will Promote You On Video

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Video is the future. The future is now. Hurry! Grab a camera and shoot.

In January 2018, I conducted 2 videography classes for working adults.

Each participant signed up for the 2-day course with different objectives.

  • To create interview videos to promote a business service
  • To shoot interview videos to promote a non-profit cause
  • To edit travel videos shot with drones and action cameras
  • To promote a real estate property using video on YouTube
  • To start a YouTube channel and make money from the ads

No matter what type of video, the underlying creation process is the same.

There are 5 steps or stages to follow through from the beginning to the end.

5-Stage Video Production Process

You can call it the traditional Pre-production, Production and Post-production.

I prefer to call the video production steps with words that everyone understands.

  1. Plan. This involves brainstorming, gathering information, writing scripts, selecting talents, scouting locations, and planning logistics.
  2. Shoot. After the planning is done, we go on location and start shooting footage. This may include recording voice-overs and creating animated graphics.
  3. Edit. The footage from the camera is then transferred to the video editing software on a computer, where it is cut, re-arranged and added with music, text and effects.
  4. Share. The final edited video is now ready to be shared on the desired platform like YouTube or Facebook, where titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails must be taken into consideration.
  5. Analyze. Are people watching your video? Do you know if they watch until the end? Or did the viewer leave just after a few seconds? Check the analytics of each video to know what worked and what did not work. Bring this data back to step one for the next video.

So, no matter what type of video to want to make, follow these five essential steps.

It’s applicable to business videos, home videos, travel videos, and even live streams.

Adrian Lee


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